True digital transformation for next-generation pathology

Pathology has been critical to disease diagnosis for centuries, and that has created hundreds of millions of glass slides. Digitizing those slides can transform that data into valuable knowledge that could power the future of diagnostics and personalized medicine for patients.


Pramana is a new health technology company - spun out of nference - that partners with pathology labs and medical centers to digitize their glass slides and associated metadata via a seamless and cost effective Digital Pathology as a Service (DPaaS) solution

Enabling the future of pathology

Archival scanning for generating digital assets

To enable the next generation of digital and AI-enabled pathology powered diagnostics and disease treatment, it is important to first create a data platform that links digitized pathology slides and associated metadata with phenotypic information at the patient level. This rich dataset can rapidly accelerate disease research, innovation and education. AI algorithms built on digital pathology data will assist pathologists in advancing diagnostic capabilities. Today, pathologists learn from thousands of slides during their career; digital pathology repositories enable them to learn from millions. For this future and the power of pathology data to be realized, first the slides and their associated metadata should be digitized.

Digital pathology slides

Digitized pathology slides and associated metadata

Why Us

Status Quo
Status Quo

Despite the potential value and impact of digitizing archival pathology repositories, only a minority of pathology labs have made the leap to digital adoption. Archival slides are not often stored with digitization in mind. The few labs that are embarking on digital transformation end up investing in expensive scanners, software and hiring operational staff to implement a complex program. Furthermore, costly, manual and labor intensive processes result in poor quality control and inconsistent results.

Our approach · Digital pathology as a service
Our approach · Digital pathology as a service

Our Digital Pathology as a Service (DPaaS) solution* allows centers to pay for the high quality images they want, without all the operational hassles associated with it. Our proprietary scanning algorithms predict and avoid errors in spite of challenging tissue level variation and artifacts, while our automated quality management tools replace time intensive and error prone manual quality checks. These can be used by labs to monitor compliance and improve lab practices.

Highest Quality · No hassle · Cost effective images
Highest Quality · No hassle · Cost effective images

Pramana uses a pay per slide DPaaS model providing pathology centers high quality images and cost efficiencies, with no upfront capital expenditure. Pramana has garnered significant interest with leading health systems in the United States and has demonstrated that by blending novel image acquisition and inline image analysis, we enable high-quality digitization in a cost efficient and stress-free manner.

Work with Us

Digital pathology as a service

Pramana’s DPaaS solution is purpose-built for archival scanning on a pay per slide basis. Our offerings serve as the gateway for AI enabled decision support for labs and medical centers.

Strategic partnerships

Our relationship with nference allows us to deliver a comprehensive data solution to our customers. The digital assets created by pramana can be securely combined with EMR data through the nference platform, where discoveries can be unlocked through deep learning.

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