Hello Digital Pathology 2.0, the new standard in whole slide imaging

Pramana has pioneered a new whole slide imaging (WSI) paradigm designed to empower pathologists, automate lab operations, and enable algorithm developers.


Introducing the Spectral™ Family of Digital Pathology Solutions from Pramana

Pramana is revolutionizing digital pathology through the use of a software-first approach to whole slide imaging (WSI), leveraging our own slide scanning platform, AI & edge computing and autonomous, dynamic, pixel level z-stacking for unparalleled image quality and data.

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Enabling the Future of Digital Pathology Section

A Software-Driven Approach to Creating Whole Slide Images

Pramana’s software-driven approach to creating whole slide images enables us to create the best possible image at the time of capture and eliminates post-processing QA/QC. Our technology opens the door for additional image analysis and visualization during the image creation process. Pramana enhances efficient algorithm development by enriching the WSI with additional data and eliminating the time and effort needed to manipulate images for applying diagnostic algorithms.

Digitized pathology slides
Mayo Clinic

Pramana is proud to be selected by leading healthcare organizations Mayo Clinic and Duke Health to provide archival whole slide imaging across 14 million slides

Learn more about these projects here. See our Mayo Clinic case study here.

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Our Approach

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Changing the Status Quo

Over the past 20 years, various diagnostic equipment manufacturers refined the process to create usable whole slide images (WSIs) from glass slides - as long as the labs could meet stringent demands on the WSI processing and QC.  While this was a significant accomplishment, adoption of digital pathology remains at <10%. While current solutions showed digital pathology was possible, the market has not been convinced that it was practical or trustworthy.

We call this Digital Pathology 1.0. Are you ready for Digital Pathology 2.0?

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Pramana Creates the Highest Quality Data

Pramana’s proprietary software and scanning hardware uses pixel level, dynamic z-stacking, automated, in-line quality control (including rescanning, and AI-driven tissue detection) to generate greater than 99.5% accuracy. We provide pathologists with the highest quality image that in turn, delivers the confidence they need to adopt Digital Pathology.

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Pramana’s Novel Digital Pathology as a Service (DPaaS) Business Model

Our capital-free, pay-by-slide business model is designed to lower acquisition and labor costs and avoid locking labs into long term commitments for quickly evolving products. Flexible models can include all labor, service and training - all housed at your facility.

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Research Applications

Millions of glass slides are sitting in drawers and warehouses around the world, limiting their utility for research and innovation. Pramana’s cost effective and turnkey DPaaS archival services unlock the power of historical anatomical pathology. Pramana meets the future challenges of pathologist shortages and increasing volumes of tissue biopsies, enabling drug and algorithm development.

Clinical Applications
Clinical Applications

With a focus on image quality, data generation and autonomous whole slide imaging, Pramana is positioned to be your partner of choice for clinical whole slide imaging. Our DPaaS model opens the door for future enhancements, features and workflows without locking you into a capital equipment purchase.

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Let’s Connect

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