Pramana's SpectralHT is an advanced digital scanning solution for high throughput digitization of glass slides.

Product Highlights
  • Whole Slide Image ScanningTruly automated whole slide image scanning
  • Intelligent scanning softwareIntelligent scanning software
  • Quality ControlAutonomous in-line quality control
  • Standards based outputStandards based output
  • Scalable solutionScalable solution designed for high volume projects


High Tolerance to Common Challenges with Specimens

SpectralHT produces high quality Whole Slide Images  while detecting a variety of artifacts like annotations, debris, broken coverslip, stain deposits, bubbles, folds, uneven staining, very faint tissue,  scratched glass etc, and do in-line optimization to produce superior quality WSIs.

Rapid Loading and Unloading

The scanning clusters have been designed to achieve rapid operations. Up to 5 scanning clusters can be managed by a single operator for loading, unloading, operation, and sign-off for viewing by pathologists.

Automated Quality Checks

SpectralHT comes with embedded automated QC, that can not only assess the quality of WSIs in a quantitative manner, but can also do inline re-scans to produce high quality images. This eliminates the cost and time required to perform manual quality checks on the output, before consuming them for any downstream purpose. Pramana scanners produce WSIs with less than 0.5% imaging errors, 99% of time. See our Joint Poster with Memorial Sloan Kettering on this topic here.

Technical Specifications

High Throughput 4-head cluster for archival and high-volume applications​

Types of slides that can be scanned

Histopathology, Cytology


Tissue, frozen sections, bone marrow

Total slides per single load


Average scan time per load

10-12 hours

WSI output formats





40x (default); 60x (add on available)


.26 microns per pixel at 40x

Slide artifacts that can be handled reasonably well

Very faint tissue, very tiny tissue, broken slides, very thick slides, broken slides, broken coverslips, heavy debris, dirty coverslips, protruding labels

Image compression

JPEG 8-bit, ZStandard, JPEG-2000

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